CamSite.Org Random Video Chat Flingster Review And Free Access

Flingster Review And Free Access


Flingster is probably the best adult random video chat website at the moment, there are a few things that make it awesome and we are going to talk about them in this review.

The website is managed by the same guys that manage ChatRandom the difference is that on Flingster users are only adults who want to masturbate online.

Flingster is the best adult alternative to Omegle and Chatroulette, the website works very well and you will have the chance to bring private your online fling.

Flingster is with no doubt one of the few random video chat sites you can use to meet random naked girls or guys without having the risk of being banned. Masturbating and being naked on it is safe and allowed.

Flingster is completely free to join but with a free account, you will most likely find dick jerking off, if you want to have only girls in your random chat experience you will need to pay a small fee.

In this review, I am going to tell you why you should join Flingster and what makes it an awesome video sex chat with strangers website.

Flingster is a freemium/premium random adult chat site and you should create an account now with the link below to have a lot of fun.


If You Want To Have Fun You Need To Click Here To Go To



Flingster Review And Overview

Flingster was created in May 2018 by a software engineer team based in Wyoming in the United States to satisfy the need of millions of adults trying to masturbate online with random people.

The main difference between Flingster and ChatRandom which is managed by the same company is that on ChatRandom you will find mainly mainstream girls meanwhile on Flingster girls are easily getting naked and guys are stroking their penises all day long.

Developers worked hard to create a hybrid between Chatroulette with only members willing to get naked and a traditional cam site.

In fact, on Flingster you will be able to chat with random people and you can bring them to your private room and friend them so next time you can masturbate with them again. This feature is awesome and members love it so much.

If you sign up now using the links on this article you will get free access and you will be able to use your account for free forever.

There are many copies of Flingster on the internet for instance DirtyRoulette and the one linked with the links on this article is the legit one and the one you should sign up for.


flingster homepage


On Flingster you will find:

  • Males Only
  • Couples Only
  • Transgenders Only
  • Random Chat With All The Genders (Free)


flingster gender filter

Flingster’s default language is English and as of now, there are no translations of the site.

The random users might not speak English and there is an instant translation button that can come very in handy.

The homepage is very simple, you just need to pick your gender, add some interests if you want to, and start the chat.

Once the account is created you need to grant access to your microphone and cameras, but if you are shy you can use it also with chat only with no video.

What makes this site awesome is the random video chat so it is not advised to turn on your camera or microphone. If you are using it as a free user you will end up watching many cocks jerking off and it can be an unpleasant experience if you are a straight male.

Flingster is with no doubt the best alternative to Omegle if you are looking to find horny girls ready to get naked online.

If you want to get your free access to Flingster smash the button below and create an account using your best email.




Flingster can be found active also on social media and these are their social media accounts Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Make sure to create a free account, having an account will give you more features available and a better experience on the website.

Having your email verified is fundamental because you don’t want to get logged out of the site with your credit card on it if you decide to become a paying member.

This is not a cam site like the ones with are used to using and the integration with Teledildonics is not available but here members are amateur and ready to get naked.


Click Here To Sign Up And Get Free Access To


flingster kinksFlingster is very popular and used among the BDSM community and there are many kinky chatrooms you can join.

Some of the most popular kinks are the Anonymous chat, BDSM chat, Dirty Chat, Lesbian Chat, The Roleplay Chat, and many more kinks are available.

As I said before with a free account you can connect with random users ready to get naked. You will not get banned for stroking your dick in front of a horny teen and the website is very safe and anonymous to use.

If you are using the links on this article you will get free access to the website but in most of the cases you will end up matching with dudes practicing onanisms.

The gender filter is available only for paying users and we will talk about the cheap pricing model that Flingster is using very soon.

The signup process is very simple, you can either decide to create a profile connecting your Google account with one click (not recommended) or create an account with your best email and password and confirm the email. (recommended.)


flingster register


Flingster is free but if you don’t want to find dudes beating their meat and you might need to become a paying member which will give you access to the random location picker and the gender filter.

You will be billed from Flingstr and the payment provider is SegPay and no one will find out what you are paying for from your bank statements.

On Flingster you won’t need to buy expensive tokens to use it like other cam sites. Here is pretty simple and you will have the option, to pick three recurring plans you can cancel at any time. These are the costs of the plans:


  • 1 Week for $6.99/week recurring each week at $6.99
  • 1 Month for $19.99/month recurring each month at $19.99
  • 6 Months for $14.99/month recurring each month at $14.99


You can pay with a valid credit card or with plenty of Cryptocurrencies via Coinbase and with this cheap price, you will get the following features: a gender filter, get reconnected, kill the ads, in-chat verified badge, location filter, gain followers, hide your location, intro message, private chat, and 24/7 support and assistance.




flingster cost


With the paid plan you will be able to complete your profile, add a description and your social media, pick the location of the random chat and bring your Fling to a private room.

If you are used to traditional cam sites this website can be life-changing and save you a ton of money, even though the fun might be lowered compared to professional cam girls here you will meet only amateur horny girls for as cheap as $14.99 for an unlimited amount of time with no extra costs.

Opening your camera is not mandatory because there is also a chat-only option but honestly, I think that you will need to open your camera to have the extra fun you are surely looking for. If you are not comfortable showing your face you can add filters and masks with the click of one button from the random video chat screen.

Once your plan is active all the premium features will be available at no additional costs and this makes it very cheap and awesome compared to traditional cam sites.


flingster adult video chat


Flingster is on the market for quite a while now and it seems like it is a very legit website and not a scam at all. They are using a 100% secure and encrypted technology and the website will not go away anytime soon.

Meeting new people just got easier! Your free membership includes cool features such as face filters, auto-translate, and more. To unlock all available features including gender filter, private chat, and safe search options you need to upgrade to Flingster VIP.

Flingster is also available for gay people, the gay option can be selected from the gender selector once you have a paid plan.

If you are thinking if Flingster is a scam or not I can assure you it’s not, the members are real and moderated and rarely you will find scammers trying to rip you off. You pay and you get a great service for cheap, that’s the deal.

The support team is not the best in the industry, for free members is very hard to get some support meanwhile for paying users it might take some hours/days to get a response.


Earn From Flingster

If you want to make money from Flingster you will need to sign up for their affiliate program at FoxRevenue Click Here To Sign Up As An Affiliate and get approved pretty fast.

The payouts are sent to the affiliates who reach at least $200 in their account every 30 days. FoxRevenue has very bad affiliate support, it takes weeks or months to get a reply but the payments are always sent on time without having to ask them.

The affiliate program is very awesome and it seems like it is built a custom, you will be able to add a tracker to your links so that you can see where the click and sale came from.

Flingster is a very cheap adult random video chat website, there are millions of users using it and usually, if a user decides to become a paying user they will stick and pay for the website for a very long period of time. Here you will get 35% Revshare for a lifetime from the users who sign up and you will get $2.44 per week or $6.99 per month or $5.24 per month from each user who rebills.

The affiliates get paid automatically from FoxRevenue and they are offering clockwork monthly payments but only with WIRE or PayPal.




The FoxRevenue affiliate program can be extremely profitable and a good passive income stream for a long period of time because users love the website and the very cheap pricing options.

Users who decide to pay are usually going to stay and pay for the website for a long period, there are no extra costs for the user and with a cheap monthly plan they can do whatever they want and users love this.

The high percentage of rebills and the cheap pricing model make Flingster an awesome site to promote to boost your earnings.

As far as I know, it’s not possible to work as a model, all the members are real, amateur, and verified normal people that use this website to find cool human connections worldwide.

Working from home is awesome, just send some quality traffic to FoxRevenue offers and start living your dream of making money from some of the most interesting rebills offers on the planet.



Flingster is not a scam and millions of users are using it to find some amateur adult partners in a random video chat room.

There are many copies of Flingster and the only one that works with no problems and that moderates the users is the one linked on this review.

You can use Flingster both on desktop and mobile, there is no app available on the app stores because it is mainly an adult random chat app and app stores don’t allow that. If you are looking for a mobile app and a more mainstream site go to ChatRandom.

With a free account, you will find a lot of dudes stroking their genitals and it can be a little annoying, also the ads are popping up quite frequently asking you to pay.

Make sure to sign up now using the links on this site to receive free access to Flingster and you will be able to find random partners for free.




Flingster can be used to meet people for online sex and private shows for a very cheap weekly or monthly fee that anyone on the planet can afford.

If you are stuck at home, horny and ready to get naked with some random teen or milf this is the best website you can use in our times.

I hope that this review was helpful and that you start using this awesome website right now. Feel free to share this review on your social media and with your friends.

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