CamSite.Org Random Video Chat LuckyCrush Review And Free Access

LuckyCrush Review And Free Access


LuckyCrush is probably one of the best adult random video chat sites at the moment, the members are real and verified and the website is rather cheap.

The idea behind this website is quite powerful and awesome, there are members that love to meet people and crush online with this service.

LuckyCrush is one of the best alternatives to Omegle and Chatroulette. If you are tired of spending days trying to find members of the other gender this site is for you.

LuckyCrush is born with the idea that you turn on your camera and you will be immediately matched with a member of sex different than yours ready to get naked and kinky online for you.

LuckyCrush is meant for adults and most of the time you will end up matching with members of the other sex naked waiting to have cybersex online.

If you want to have free access for a few minutes of trials on this website all you need to do is to create an account with the links on this article.

LuckyCrush is a premium random video chat cam site and you should create an account now with the link below and start having a lot of fun.


If You Want To Have Fun You Need To Click Here To Go To



LuckyCrush Review And Overview

LuckyCrush was born in 2019 from the idea of two French guys who loved to meet random girls online on Omegle.

They soon figure out that they could no longer waste their lives waiting to find a partner of the other sex willing not to close the cameras once they were proposing to get naked or something.

This is when they gathered their developer’s skills and created LuckyCrush, an awesome platform where users can find random users willing to get naked online.

On this website, you will not be banned if you decide to get naked and girls are usually willing to get naked and make you go crazy. Of course, since they are doing the hard work to find these girls and matching you with the other sex the website is not free.

If you sign up now using the links on this article you will get free access and you will be able to try it for a few minutes at no cost.

There are no copies of LuckyCrush and this is the only website you should sign up for if you want to have a nice random chat experience.


luckycrush homepage


On LuckyCrush you will find:

  • Males


luckycrush languages

LuckyCrush default language is English but there are 14 translations of the site in many other popular languages.

When you will go into the random chat view there is also an automatic translation option just in the case the person you are matched with doesn’t speak your language.

The homepage is very simple, first of all, choose your gender and the website then will automatically match you with your ideal crush online.

Not many options are available and the website is super easy to use, you just sign up and the random chat screen will show up and match you with your online naughty crush.

Making an account is very simple, use your best email and you will be ready to go. Something cool is that they will not send you any emails and they are completely against spamming or bothering you.

LuckyCrush is with no doubt the best alternative for adults looking for random online sex to Omegle or Chatroulette.

If you want to get your free access to LuckyCrush smash the button below and create an account using your best email.




Make sure to create a free account, having an account will give you access to more features and a better experience on the website.

Having your email verified is fundamental because you don’t want to get logged out of the site with your credit card on it if you decide to become a paying member.

This is not a cam site like the ones with are used to using and the integration with Teledildonics is not available but it doesn’t matter, the website is free and awesome.


Click Here To Sign Up And Get Free Access To


luckycrush buy minutesLuckyCrush is reduced to the essentials and it is super easy to use no matter if you are 18 years old or 110 years old it will be pretty intuitive and awesome.

All you have to do is sign up and grant access to your computer or mobile camera and the lucky crush will be available for you in a matter of seconds.

As I said before with a free account you can connect with random users. If you are not 18 years old you should not use this website because there are chances you will find naked people on it and this is not cool if you are underage.

If you are using the links on this article to create an account you will get a free trial and you can ask things like showing me your feet to prove the legitimacy of the user you are talking with.

Bear in mind that the most important step when creating an account with this site is gender selection. You won’t be able to change gender after the account creation unless you send a support request.

If you are a straight guy looking to find cute teen females crushes online you must select your gender accordingly and start having fun then.


luckycrush sign up


LuckyCrush is not a free service, you can get your trial using the links on this article but if you want to spend time with your crushes online you will need to pay per minute and the prices are quite cheap I will talk about them later on this article.

If you decide to pay for their service you will be billed by Hello World SAS, a company located in France, and the Payments are secured by CardBilling and SecurionPay, financial services provided by Verotel Merchant Services B.V and Online Payments Group AG, and no adult-related mentions will show up in your credit card statements.

On LuckyCrush you won’t need to buy expensive tokens like traditional cam sites. Here you will pay per minute and there are only 3 packages available to buy making this site super-efficient and yet cheap to use. The LuckyCrush pay-per-minute prices are listed below:

  • 15 minutes for $16.90
  • 45 minutes for $48.90
  • 90 minutes for $89.90

You can pay with a valid credit card with no hidden fees or extra costs and the support is going to be available 24/7 if you end up having any kind of problem.




luckycrush cost


The payment process is painless, secure, and simple, you will need only the credit card number, and try the $16.90 packages that are accessible to anyone on this planet.

A lot of members found their crush with lucky crush and became addicted to using this website every time they felt alone or just in need of some attention from a random user of the other sex on the internet.

Opening your camera is mandatory and once the camera is opened you will be able to chat with a random user the website works very well on any device and any location around the globe.

Once your pay-per-minute plan is active you will be able to chat with random people until the minutes are over for no extra cost.


luckycrush random video chat


LuckyCrush is a very stable adult random video chat site that doesn’t seem to go away any time soon. The website is legit and not a scam and all the users are real and verified and ready to get kinky for you online no problem.

From the picture above you can see a spicy señorita ready to be your online crush and spice up your daily routine for good.

If you are thinking if LuckyCrush is a scam or not I can assure you it’s not, the members are real and moderated and rarely you will find no real users. Stop wasting time on Omegle and get yourself on this awesome site now.

The support team is pretty good and they are usually replying to the email very fast. If you are ending up having some problems they will solve them within a day or less.


Earn From LuckyCrush

If you want to make money from LuckyCrush you will need to sign up for their affiliate program here: Click Here To Sign Up As An Affiliate and get approved pretty fast.

The affiliates get paid when they reach at least $200 in their affiliate account and unfortunately, payments are not automatic, you will need to check how much money you make every time you want to get paid and request the money.

The affiliate program works on post affiliate pro which is one of my favorite affiliates affiliate systems at the moment.

LuckyCrush is paying the affiliate 20% revshare on all the user’s spending and you will get usually $3.38, $9.78, and $17.98 depending on what package the user decides to buy. You can potentially make a lot of money if you get many users to sign up, people from Italy, France, the USA, and Germany are addicted to this site and spending a lot of money on it.

The affiliates get paid from LuckyCrush and it is a bit annoying, payments are not automatic and the only payment method available is a WIRE transfer.

When you reach the minimum payout of $200 you will need to contact your affiliate manager via Skype, send him an invoice, and ask for the money. (You can find your manager’s email and Skype contact from the homepage of your affiliate dashboard).


luckycrush affiliate


The LuckyCrush affiliate program can be profitable because the website is very cheap and yet addictive and users love it for real and spend money to have real amateur users to jerk off with on the internet.

Users who decide to pay are usually going to stay on the website for a while and use it quite often so that you will make money from them with no problem with all the rebills.

As far as I know, is possible to work on LuckyCrush as a female model and make money as well from the site, but you will need to contact the support once the account is created to have the correct information since the website is very strict in allowing members to work on it.

Making money as a LuckyCrush affiliate is quite simple and rewarding, just send them good quality traffic and leads and you will make money no matter what.



LuckyCrush is not a scam and millions of users are using it to find someone to have a random video chat with and build human connections.

There are no copies of LuckyCrush and the only real site with moderated users and a secure payment gateway is only the one mentioned in this article.

You can use LuckyCrush both on desktop and mobile devices, the signup process is very simple and smooth and many users love to use this website at any time of the day.

With a free account made with the links on this site, you will have the chance to try this website out, and then it’s up to you to pay or not to have your random online crush on chat.

Make sure to sign up now using the links on this site to receive free access to LuckyCrush and you will be able to find random partners and crush.




LuckyCrush can be used to meet people for dating or online random sex and if you are comfortable you can get naked with no risks of getting banned.

If you are stuck at home because of COVID or if you feel like going out chasing human interactions is such a chore try out this website for free and comment below your first impression.

I hope that this review was helpful and that you start using this awesome website right now. Feel free to share this review on your social media and with your friends.

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