CamSite.Org Models Top 5 Sex Toys For OnlyFans Models

Top 5 Sex Toys For OnlyFans Models

top 5 sex toys for onlyfans models

OnlyFans gives erotic models and sex workers amazing new opportunities to make a living while delivering engaging content for their fans to enjoy.

With over 2.1 million creators, however, OnlyFans has become quite competitive. The average creator earns only 150 to 180 dollars per month. If you’re thinking about turning the gig into a full-time career, you’ll need to accomplish a lot more than that.

The best way to make a living on OnlyFans involves differentiation, establishing your unique brand, and attracting the right viewers to your content. Sex toys can help you accomplish those goals, giving you a competitive edge and allowing you to explore multiple interesting content creation directions.

Some types of sex toys are better suited than others when it comes to enticing fans on OnlyFans. Here are five suggestions to consider.


Interactive Sex Toys


Both camgirls and OnlyFans performers can make massive use of interactive sex toys.




Many modern high-tech gadgets allow for remote control through an internet app.

Giving your fans a chance to be a part of the experience by choosing a sex toy set increases engagement and provides excellent monetization opportunities. Additionally, such interactive features that make multiple people involved increase the variety and unpredictability of your content.

Lovense toys are known to perform well in these situations but they’re not the only option. Explore a few possibilities to see how the toys compare and what interactivity features they make available.


onlyfans toys


Riding Toys and Sex Machines


Investing in a high-quality sex machine makes a lot of sense if you’re serious about your OnlyFans career.

Sex toys can be interactive on websites like Chaturbate and Jerkmate. They can also be used in many positions, allowing you to get creative with shooting footage for your fans.

If you don’t have the financial resources needed for a sex machine, you can choose something simpler that’s equally effective.

dildo riding chair is an item that you can use to put on a show for your fans. It allows you to make the action slow and sensual or fast and steamy. You can use the mount with various dildos, exploring the preferences of your fans to find out which niche would be best suited to your content creation appetites.


Massage Wands


Massage wands are the powerhouse of sex toys.

These massive wands can be used in many ways and they’re incredibly stimulating.

Wands are very popular among OnlyFans content creators because they produce incredibly powerful orgasms. That’s something your fans would want to witness and something that’s going to be extra enjoyable for you.

One thing to keep in mind is that most massage wands are corded. The cord can easily get in the way of shooting great footage. Wireless varieties powered by a rechargeable battery are already available and you may want to opt for such an innovative product over a traditional corded massager.


Suction Cup Dildos


When in doubt, opt for a classic.

Every OnlyFans content creator should possess a good range of dildos. Affordable, very long-lived, and available in so many varieties, dildos will do the bulk of the work.

Always look for suction cup dildos because they can be used in the most diverse of ways.

A suction cup dildo is very easy to mount to a wall, a floor, or a piece of furniture. Hands-free action is easier to record. You’ll also have your hands free to do some additional stimulation your fans would want to witness.

Suction cup dildos let you get in various positions – from standing to riding the dildo like crazy. They may not be the best choice for close-up shots but you can certainly make them a part of your routine alongside other sex toys.


onlyfans toys


All Kinds of Anal Toys


Each year, we get detailed reports about the most popular porn search terms. Ever since the start of time, erotic content searches have been dominated by phrases about anal sex. In 2023, anal was the sixth most searched porn term. In 2022, anal was the fifth most popular search term. You get the picture.

People enjoy booty stuff because it’s still perceived as a bit of a taboo subject.

Doing anything connected to anal sex is going to have a massively positive impact on your OnlyFans presence.

Anal toys come in all shapes and sizes. They are affordable and even if you haven’t done a lot of anal stuff before, you’ll still find lots of great beginner-friendly options. 

Butt plugs, anal beads, and anal vibes are all excellent choices. Not only will they allow you to engage a specific audience, but these toys can also be used alongside other pleasure items. An anal toy in combination with a dildo or a clitoral stimulator/massage wand is a recipe for optimal engagement.




When looking for sex toys to boost your OnlyFans career, do some research to understand audience preferences.

Top 5 OnlyFans models to follow:

  1. Pokebella
  2. YumiBunny
  3. Renaeericax
  4. Emilybel
  5. Rileyisrawr

Also, prioritize the activities and kinds of sexual stimulation you enjoy the most. Your fans will easily tell if you’re faking it. Picking something because of its popularity and not because it gives you pleasure can also make the task of content creation tedious. Make sure you’re getting joy and pleasure out of your OnlyFans shoots.

If you’re having the time of your life, your fans will also be fully satisfied.

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