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Hey there, I’m Sonia. I’m a complex mix of awesome ingredients, such as passion, madness, curiosity, sensuality, strength, kindness, mystery, fun, energy! I won’t claim to be perfect, nobody is, but I do aspire to be the best possible version of myself. I’m the kind of woman that will give everyone a chance for a beautiful connection, as long as there’s respect and patience. Yes, common interests matter, but differences aren’t a bad thing, on the contrary, they can be a source for new opinions , an exchange for ideas, or completing the puzzle through that difference : ) Maybe we can’t always agree, but at least we can respect the right for a different opinion . I’ll never try to change people, and I expect the same from others towards me. Evolution is one thing, change of who we are is something else. So let’s share and enjoy the best of each other and create wonderful memories and stories together : *